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We are proud that our products are not of lower quality than those produced by reputed companies in the west, and in many cases they even surpass them while maintaining a competitive price. Using modern management and production techniques, we are able to complete virtually every individual order.

In accordance with research carried out as part of receiving another technical approvals, the elements of fixing systems offered by Good Work Polska Sp. z o.o meet the conditions of the reliable operation in terms of load-bearing capacity, work safety regulations, and assembly and use of the above mentioned systems. They are also in conformity with set standards, especially those pertaining to law, ergonomics, and environmental protection. The products manufactured by the company were used in many investments in the country and abroad. These include, among others, projects in Lublin: at ul. Unicka 3, NAP Północna at ul. Północna 6/ul. Prusa 7A; in Warsaw: Aleja Wilanowska – Complex B – at Aleja Wilanowska 83, Młyny Królewskie at the corner of ul. Ostroga and ul. Wawrzyszewskiej, Derby 14 at ul. Skarbka z Gór, Wilanów Town Hall at ul. Klimczaka 1, sPlac at ul. Rydygiera 12, CARRE ARTE at ul.Jana Kazimierza 49, WILNO at ul. Wierna/Zamkowa, Polnord 3 at ul. Kazachska 3, Mińska/Rybna at ul. Mińska 48/50,Wilanów II at ul. Branickiego 11, Klasyków Estate in Białołęka, Strumykowa Estate, Kaufland – at ul. Batalionów Chłopskich/Lazurowa, as well as other construction projects carried out by our contractors in Lithuania, Estonia, and Belarus.

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